Dunn's in debt.

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Hello everyone. I have had quite a boring day here in Rolla Missouri. And I don't want all of you mothers out there saying, "Well if your SO bored why don't you just get of the couch and help me clean up this place!", because that would not fit the situation. In fact I did clean the house, but sadly to say it wasn't all out of love for my amazing mother. 
Last Christmas I was blessed with a very nice cell phone of my very own. And up until this past month I've been very mature with it. Only using it when needed and all thats kinda stuff. But I had progressively gained a bad habit of talking on the phone WAY to much. And now I'm paying the price. Humiliation is also a good punishment so I have no problem telling you the damage. Our monthly budget consists of 700 minutes a month for my Mom, Dad, and I. My mom used about 58 and my dad used about 350. I used like 645. So I'm officially $155 in debt. In order to pay of this debt and still be able to  use my own money to do fun things in Utah and stuff I'm just going to work for my mother and pay it off that way. So when I mow the lawn the money I would have earned goes to pay off my debt. Thank goodness she's not making me pay interest. I will also do chores around the house, which is what I occupied my self with today. I worked for 2 hours cleaning of fans and then vacuuming all the rooms in which I cleaned a fan in (the whole house pretty much). 

But my life isn't all boringness. Soon a new family is moving in that has a kid about my age. I'm pretty excited about that. Yesterday I went to a YM/YW pool party. Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with the same bunch. And on Saturday we are having a party for are sunday school class over at our teachers house. I'm excited about all that but whats really going to be fun is scout camp coming up next week. Don't think I'm that nerdy, because I'm not. Its a high adventure camp so were spending the entire time on the lake of the Ozarks and like repelling. 

So thats about it. Thank you to all those who have been on the sight and at least making comments. I think a few posts would be nice to. And yes this will be my last post for a week or so.


This is Uncle Brad. Sorry to hear about your little friend, that counts minutes, turning you in like that. You probably expected some reaction assuming you likely anticipated the high usage would not go unnoticed. It is nice of your mom to allow a work-release program. If you find it hard to come off the cellular addiction most phones or cellular provider can limit the number of shared minutes your phone can use. You can also check the number of minutes you use and the number of minutes left from your phone.

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