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Hello to you all, and have a happy Summer.

Some of you may not know, especially those wackos that have no relation to the Westhoffs, by either family or friend and yet insist on plaguing the site with their presence anyway, that my dad, Dunn, and I took a vacation to historic Williamsburg and surrounding area, including Jamestown, Yorktown, and Washington D.C. for a week, and this is basically how it went.

Thursday- We woke up early in the morning and drove to St. Louis, then we took a 3-hour flight and landed somewhere near D.C., then we collected our bags, and drove another 3 hours to Williamsburg. Once in Williamsburg we checked into the hotel, got our passes that we would need for the week, and went to this weird news style murder trial which I thought was pretty cool but Dunn and Dad did not like it very much.

Friday- Busch Gardens, we arrived before it opened at 10:00a.m. and our last ride started at 8:58, 2 minutes before it closed. What can I say; it sure beats the heck out of Six Flags on account of the awesome food, amazing scenery, and 2 really cool 4-D rides (basically it's a 3-D ride but the chair moves and you feel like you're falling and all that. At first I was scared to go on a really awesome roller coaster called the Griffon, but eventually I did it and got 5 bucks from it (Dad paid me)! What the Griffon does is that right when you leave the boarding station it brings you up this long incline, very slowly, so you can decide whether you should have boarded or not. When you finally reach the top, you do a right turn and suddenly you are hanging over a 90* drop (that's straight down), where it stops to let you take in the impending doom. I can't really tell you about the rest of it because I had my eyes closed the whole time. So anyway, my favorite ride was probably the roller coaster called the Big Bad Wolf (and the food)!

Saturday- Assorted events in Williamsburg. Including but not limited to a Witch trial (not guilty, but they should have been!).

Sunday- I wanted to go to a water park, but dad decided against it, and we just went to the Jamestown settlement, did the stuff there, went to Yorktown, did what there was there, and then we went back to Williamsburg and I think did some more of the stuff there.

Monday- Hello Washington D.C.! Before we went there though, we went to the Memorial Day speech at Arlington Cemetery. When we got to the city we went to a lot of the war Memorials and a couple Monuments. We also saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. When night fell, we checked into our hotel, ate, and went to bed.

Tuesday-We went to monuments around D.C., and that's about it.

Wednesday- Home at last (after the plane ride, of course)!

Well, that's just about it, like I said earlier, have a Happy Summer everyone!

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