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Well the last time I made a post about my life and the things I liked was like four years ago. Allot of things have changed since then. For instance, instead of being ten, I'm now fourteen. Though a lot of things have changed since then.
Like I have found my love of running. I have learned to play the saxophone. My dad has been to Iraq and back. I have friends that are girls! Ummm I'm a life scout now, and in-fact I just made a very important call to some ladie named Karrel who works in the forest service. I talked to her about what I'm going to do for my eagle project. I think its gonna be something on like making a wall or fence around this portapotty thing and making a path way to it. Very fun stuff. In just a little bit I'm gunna go with the scouts to the lake of the ozarks. There I will be busy doing high adventure things (only for the cool scouts, like me) were we will sail and repel and work metal on anvils and hike and all that stuff. I have come to like Missouri (oh yeah we moved to) more and more since I moved here. For one I have made quit a few friends (I'm kinda slow at that) and for two i have became buff. Which helps with the know one picking on me any more.  Yes i have been working out for about a full year now. I can bench 155 and i way about 137. My old max used to be 95 so thats a big difference. I really wish you guys would start making posts on this thing again. I'm making it a habit to check it every day! You should to!.

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