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On May 22, 2008 an adventurous trio set out on a six day venture from Rolla Missouri to Washington D.C. I was a member of this historic Trio. My name is John Dunnington Westhoff, but you may know me as Dunn. The other two adventurers were my brother Zach and our father John. They shall be referred to as Zach and Dad. The next few paragraphs you're about to read consist of the happenings of this spectacular six day adventure.

Our first day started with an early awakening at about 4:30 am. We (having already made the necessary preparations the previous day) got dressed and with no hassle at all were in the car on our way to the St. Louis airport, laughing and eating chefs golden delights (Twinkies) the whole way there. We boarded our flight and had a quite frightful flight to our destination, but did indeed make it in one piece. After renting a car we made our way down to our first stop of our trip (which was not D.C), Colonial Williamsburg. The three-hour drive there, on top of all the days' previous travel, had made us all very drowsy but the inquisitive sights of Williamsburg easily awakened us. Its not every day you see 300 year old buildings or men dressed in silly frilly clothing riding around on horses. We went to a reenactment of some trials that were held in the colonial times. Personally I thought that was a waste of time. It was more of a third grade assembly than a Historical reenactment. The majority of the time was spent listening to the painfully ignorant questions of small children. After this we went to the best building (In Zach's mind) in the entire colonial town, the candy shop. It was pretty amazing to tell the truth. Every kind of chocolate and gummy you'd ever want... Yes indeed a child's heaven on earth. Of course after our visit to the candy shop we were dead tired and were forced to retire to our hotel.
We woke up the next morning not really invigorated or recharged. Instead we woke up an hour to early. This is partly because the alarm clock was set to early and we had planned to go running but I had failed to pack my running shoes. So instead my father went solo and I showered and got ready to go to the legendary Busch Gardens. After my Dad returned from his run and we had eaten breakfast we went strait to Busch Gardens.
This must have been one of the best days of my life! It was amazing the adrenalin started pumping as soon as I say the first coaster. It never stopped from that point from about 9:30 am to 9:00 pm. The day was pretty exciting even though we had some troubles (a lot of troubles) getting Zach to ride a few coasters. I think the best lunch of the entire trip was eaten there at the Oktoberfest House. Oh man that was meat galore!!! Not to mention all the cake you could eat! And it all must have had some spell put over it cause I ate a TON of food and I walked out of the place feeling like I had just had a turkey sandwich! Well the rest of our day was filled with an overdose of super expensive sugar (THANK YOU FATHER) and roller coaster riding.
The next day was spent exploring Colonial Williamsburg. We spent the whole day checking out cool reenactments of historical events such as a witch's trial. We got to see Thomas Jefferson give an awesome speech. We got to eat at a small little tavern were we were entertained by musicians and magicians. At about noon we watched the colonial marching band march through town with the fifes and drums.
That was pretty cool and my dad liked that especially. OH! And I got a fife of my own! I'm not to good at it yet but I'm working on it. After all this fun was over we went to a colonial dance lesson and the former capital.

The following day we spent walking around Jamestown and Yorktown. MY favorite part of all that was watching them launch some cannons. It was really cool and they showed us how to load them and all sorts of cool facts.
When we were at Jamestown of course we went into the Jamestown fort. There I saw an old man working on some wood under I little tarp. In my mind I meant to ask him if he was working in some kind of primitive wood shop (witch it was) but instead I asked him if he was working in an amateur workshop. When I said this he looked at me, and in a very harsh and rude voice said, "No this is NOT an amateur wood work shop it's PROFESSIONAL!". Then I just stood there and dad, who was behind me, said "Dunn I think you meant primitive". The man heard that also and said that his workshop was not primitive. Which explained the Stone Age material he was using.

The next day we went back to DC.


Hey Dunn, thanks for the report and the great pictures, sounds like you had enough fun to last the whole summer! I heard you get to have more fun in Utah soon, please let us know how that goes too!

Great adventure and great writing about it. Proud of you menfolk. Love, Grandpa Rackham

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