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Well today the Westhoff family had quite a few adventures. Most of them were for the better, but the interesting stuff was for the worst (now you have to read!). We woke up this wonderful Saturday morning as if it was just a regular Saturday morning. And it was. The only difference was that this Saturday morning we were heading over to the Fort (Fort Leonard Wood) to go swimming at the pool there. This pool is well known for its high dive. Its definitely the favorite part of the pool for every one. Sept Lukie, who was having a great time learning to swim.
We had a blast at the pool for a good three hours. No belly flops, or drownings, or slips. In fact the worst thing that happened was tormenting of a bee, who was determined to stick around the diving board scaring away all the little children. Chase insisted on letting everyone at the pool know he was terrified by this very large bee. He even got yelled at by the life guard who said, "HEY KID!!! Are you drowning?" Chase, "No..." Life Guard, "Are you hurt?" Chase, "No..." Life Guard, "Then PLEASE be quiet!" And he did. 

After swimming at the pool we all went to the Commissary to get a few groceries. Here we were rewarded with our favorite kind of sherbet, as shown below.Icecream.jpg

Before all this happened we had stopped at our local Wal-Mart (our hero) to pick up some lunch for our day at the pool. Here we also picked up Zach's glasses. I don't feel like I need to write the whole shebang but yes Zach does need glasses now. His left eye is having some seeing issues. Heres a picture of him. Pretty handsome huh! Zachglasses.jpg

This next part was my favorite part of the day (which may surprise you). Well I'm sure you all remember reading about my repelling adventures a few days ago. Well today I finally got the chance to do it again. THIS time Zach, Chase, and Emma wanted to do it to. So I made them there harnesses and helped them climb the tree. With a few freak outs they all conquered their fears and safely returned to the ground. I was very proud of them all. Emma exclaimed she wanted to go again but she wanted to repel down a different tree that wasn't so ant infested. I thought that was a reasonable complaint for a little girl and I wanted to make her happy. So I climbed up another tree, and set up the repelling system again. Once I got my gloves down I tested it out my self. And trust me when I say that is a GOOD thing! As soon as I was almost perpendicular to the tree, I suddenly fell to the earth. I'm telling the truth when I say I fell a full 25 feet (measured it). I didn't scream  at all the whole way down. To tell the truth, all I could really think of at the time was "OH CRAP!" So a good 25 feet later (trust me I measured it) I hit the earth with a big THUMP and a very distinct moan (a moan pointing out my own stupidity more than my pain. For instance, "Ohhh I'm sooo stupid"). The funny thing is that Chase, Emma, and Luke were watching me the whole time. And the first thing I heard was a very cool, but excited, "Whoa". To Chase it must have looked like I had just done some "tight" trick of some "sick" jump. Luke was the first to point out I was bleeding and asked if I needed a band aid. I said I was fine but Emma persisted on being a good sister and went to get me one any ways. When she was back with the band-aid I was already in the tree trying to figure out how I fell. It turned out that my rope had slipped off the branch I was using. A very stupid and preventable mistake. All I had to do was wrap the rope around the tree once and I wouldn't have fallen. 

I am defiantly lucky to walk away with only a scraped elbow, a bruised tricep, and a very sore rear end. But its ok. Bear Grylls has fallen many a time.


I am sure Bear Grylls would be proud, though his lawyers no doubt would deny any liability, real or implied, associated with said fall, any injuries therefrom or any and all inherently dangerous activities inspired by or construed to have been inspired by, in whole or in part, the television show Man vs. Wild or its derivatives. ;-)

Dunn I think that was awesome even though I was there.

nice tree rash

was it really 25 feet

cause i fell 6 feet and got knocked out for 3 hours

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