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As all of you may have heard, I have made a lot of progress on my running skills since my last entry dedicated to running (actually it was my fathers, if you'd like to read that search for See Dunn Run). You may remember that great mile marker for me that day.That was the day I made it into the plural mile club. I ran 2 whole miles! Well ever since then (I was about ten... now I'm fourteen) I have made running not only a hobby of mine but also my sport. I am not afraid to "express my greatness" (bragging), so for those of you with low self esteem, please stop reading this article. 
I started running seriously the summer after my seventh grade year, I knew I wanted to do 8th grade Track and I wanted to be good. So I ran in the hot summer heat and when the time came for me to get back in school I found that not only could I sign up for Track, I could also sign up for Cross Country. So in the fall I started my athletic running career. I was surprised to find that I was running faster and easier than every one in my grade. Occasionally I beat my fellow team mates by up to a full minute in races. I was as good or better than even a few freshman. I was the only 8th grader to win a medal in every single meet. 

When Cross Country season ended I found my self the coolest dude imaginable! I was more fit and stronger than pretty much every one in my class. I was able to bench more than (of course I still can) the school quarter back and pretty much all the others on the team. Of course there were the few big ones that could bench more but they were few and far away. They weren't even benching that much more than me. I can bench 155 and they were doing 175. 

Ok let me get back to my running skills. I was at the top of my game. The prime of my life (so far) and had women dripping off of me by the bucket full (lol small buckets). Well I thought I was "to cool for school" and didn't do a very good job at keeping up my game. I did alright with working out every night but I didn't run as often as I should have. When track season came around the corner I was definitely not as prepared as I would have liked to be. I will admit I did much better in cross country than I did in track. I was still the best distance runner in the school (but of course ANYONE can do that). I even got first when we were running the 100 meter. But I seemed to be lacking in my mile skills when I compared my self to kids at other schools. I ended up with ONE medal out of about four or five meets. My fastest mile time was 5:33. I only got fourth with that. 

So now its summer time and I have no competition but the heat and my own fear of pain. But there's good news to those adoring fans of mine! I have been able to recover from that fattening DC trip of mine and have been running at least four times a week. Today I ran the farthest I've ever ran (which explains me naming this entry similarly to that of the one made four years ago... Feel me?). 7 and a half miles! Don't get to excited because it doesn't stop there. I plan on running farther and farther as I go along. And remember you crazy marathon runners. I'm running faster than you. So sh!


Did I do it right Dunn? I wrote you a long E-mail when I thought this wasn't going to work and then it disappeared before I hit send. I really think your writing skills are amazing. So are the things you write about. We can find you a rope here and we have trees, so you are in business. Love ya, Grandma

Dunn, What does URL mean and do I have to do something for you to get this? Please E-=mail me if you get this

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