Six and a Half Bikes

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Rachel and I have been saying for years how great it would be if all of our family had bikes so that we could go on rides together.  A couple of months ago we started applying resources towards that goal and we are pleased to announce that we are living our dream--we are Missouri's newest biker gang.  Quite impressive, as you can see from the following picture.  That's no small investment in bike-transporting equipment I might add, particularly since I had to get the trailer hitch installed for just that purpose.
Yesterday we made our maiden voyage, i.e. our first real destination ride.  We chose the Katy trail for our three hour tour, Missouri's St. Louis to Kansas city "rails to trails" park.

The "half" bike alluded to in the title of this post of course is Lukie's "afterburner," a neat little contraption that serves to nearly simulate the biking experience for a pumpkineater without the hassle of having them fall behind or swerve into oncoming traffic.

We started in high spirits, though Chase did express early concern that "this trail sucks."  He eventually accepted the fact that we were not there to tackle gnarly single track and seemed to enjoy himself.
The Katy trail is well suited to a family ride with small children and the section we travelled was scenic enough with lush greenery and stunning views of the brown Missouri river and the occasional tire floating by. 
Unfortunately we got a bit of a late start and it was into the 90's and quite humid before we even started.  In truth, part of my agenda had been to get us acclimated to the heat, knowing that it's only going to get hotter and if we're going to play outside this summer we'd best get used to it.  The kids did well.  It was particularly rough on Emma, though she was a trooper and held in there until the last four miles or so when she started to decompensate.
Her constant sobbing proved useful however in that I was able to monitor her hydration status via the copious tears, snot and slobber--quite reassuring as we'd not brought nearly enough water.  She finished in the end, no worse for the wear and 12.8 miles the wiser.  I'm sure she'll look back on it someday and thank me someday for taking her on the trip, but for now she insists that it was "the worst day of my life."  Indeed!



Please don't forget about bikes and try to pull into garage on a rainy, or tired day.
Maybe we can borrow some bikes and ride in that cool jump area by the pond behind Grandma Rackams house.


Judd, after my Dad saw that picture he told me my uncle did just that--and ruined a very nice racing bike he'd just had tuned. Have you done the same?

Please don't forget about bikes and try to pull into garage on a rainy, or tired 2 gold

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