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Well this week has been rather exciting. I have done something basically every day. On Sunday I took my friend Shay to steak conference and we sat with Joryn (a friend from church that both Shay and I are very well acquainted with) for the entire two hour session. If you're wondering what shay is doing at stake conference (Shay is a friend from school) its because she has been coming to church with me and Joryn for the past month now. Pretty exciting! She seems to get along with the young women in the ward there very well and enjoys the activities they do on Wednesdays.
On Monday I'm thinking Joryn, Shay, and I all went swimming with my family. That was fun. On Tuesday my friend Jenny got a group of her friends, including me, and we all hung out at lions club park for a few hours. After which Jenny, Shay, and I all went for a run. We all suffered, thanks to the heat we are now getting used to. But thats ok. I actually feel in the middle of the street while cross the road. But i did a ninja roll and saved my self and wonderful running knees. On Wednesday Joryn and I attempted to go to one of Shay's softball games but weren't able to make it to the right one so we just wen to mutual. When i got there I talked to the communications merit badge councilor and earned my Communications Merit Badge. I'm just a few badges away from eagle. Today I baby-sat my siblings mostly but got Shay and Joryn to come over for a couple hours also. So so far I've had a pretty great summer! I would really like it if i got to hear from the rest of the Westhoff family!


This is Uncle Brad. It sounds like you are staying busy this summer. I do smell a beau! An eagle at somethings you might almost be, but a tenderfoot all men remain when it come to our feminine friends.

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