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Dunn's birthday ski trip

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Dunn's birthday ski trip didn't quite go as planned. We drove out to the mountain to find it raining--after waiting an hour for it to stop we cut bait and came home. The boys settled for lunch at Burger King and their first (my third) screening of The Two Towers, which they enjoyed very much. Ray and I had only recently let them watch the Fellowship on DVD. We had been holding out with the thought that we would read it to them first, but we eventually caved.

My Dad has added a weblog to his website, by all accounts at my Mom's request.

Sad Story

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And now for a sad story---- We (Neva/Audrey/Katie/Me) were all set to have a nice 3-day weekend in Belgium, when I was told that I had to work Saturday in support of the war effort. You see, in order to make room for the casualties of the proposed Iraq war, the administrative pukes are being moved to temporary buildings that are being setup next to the hospital. Admin pukes, as you know, are automation heavy, so I will be pleased to spend the day hooking up computers. On that same note, Neva got kicked out of her office so they could rip out the rug and put in a non-porous floor covering so the room could be used for patient at a moment’s notice.

Undaunted, the others took off for the Black Forrest/Bavaria this morning, and Neva just called to report that they are in Lindau having a great time. I would provide more details, but thinking about it tends to make me sick, so you will have to use your imaginations.

Dial-up woes

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I have not yet posted the skiing pictures I was hoping to--I've had trouble connecting with the laptop from the hotel I'm staying. I'm now at the library and will see what I can do.

Tomorrow is my last shift at Harborview this rotation. I have to say that I'm a wee bit warn out and ready to move on. Next I've two months at Madigan Army Medical Center, then ICU at Madigan then Anesthesia at the University of Washington. Should be nice relaxing four months, really.

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