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First post

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Finaly!!!On my first post I will tell you about my life.Dad has taken me sking 2 times.Zach and I have been playing alot of imaginary sword,shield,magic kind of games.Our Game Cube,Xbox,and Nintendo vacation will end this Friday.Yess!!I'm almost in kindergarten.We have new nabors named Tatum and Steven. I can't wait to see who my teacher is in kindergarten.Hannah,and every body else,I can't wait till we move to Missouri so we can see you more often. END OF POST.BEEP!BEEP!BEEP

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Ever since I saw dad watching a jorb well done, I've been on it every day ever since. It has saved me many times from bordom since we can not play Game Cube, Xbox, or Nintendo. It all happened because of uncle Dan.One of my favorites is ,The System is down. And that is the end of the post. Beeepp!!!

Fish at the Y.

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Yesterday our mom was going to a play with her friend.My friend invited me, Zach,and Chase to go swimming at the YMCA.Once I got the news I jumped for joy(swimming is one of my favorite sports.)It realy stank that they were 40 minutes late,but we swam for an hour and a half.We played shark attack,went the big blue slide,and just swam around.There was a insedent in the big pool so we had to get out.It was both exiting and fun.

Nintendo Vacation

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Dad and mom have decided to have a nintendo vacation for a month (nintendo 64, Exbox, Game Cube).I think it's a bumber.But they repaid us by taking us to the zoo and the park, oh yeah,and KFC chicken.I never thought having no game system would be so fun.

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