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Just for fun.

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This Sunday morning I have been doing practicly nothing exept finding a long lost wooden chess board and making hamicks. I am makig this post because I am incredibly bord. I think I got too used to not doing nothing in Japan. I have to admit I feel a little sad about leaving Japan (evan though you are on a train 4 hours a day.)

Zach Stands For...

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For school Zach had to write about himself using each letter of his name:

Zigs and zags
Absolutely good
Carries a wooden sword
Handy helper

I think it describes him very well! ;-)

Coming Home

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I'm writing this from an internet cafe at the terminal on Yakota Air Force Base, Japan. We have had the good fortune of once again scoring seats on a space available flight and anticipate being back in the good ol' US of A sometime today (Friday afternoon). Gotta run, it's time to board soon.


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Yesterday we got out of the megatropolis of Tokyo and visited the woodland realm of Nikko. The above picture was taken at a famous shrine there which also serves as the tomb of one of Japan's greatest Shoguns. I don't recall his name, but his relationship with a shipwrecked Portugese sailor was the basis for the book and movie "Shogun." You can see Dunnington in a white t-shirt climbing the stairs. The outstanding feature of this shrine is that it is much more ornately decorated than any building we had seen previously. This is very un-Zen, but apparently that was the Zeitgeist. The building pictured is actually just one of the gates in the complex.


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Today we made our first excursion into Tokyo. The highlight of the day was taking in a bit of traditional Japanese theater. I find myself sounding very much like my dad: "Do you know how old I was before I got to go to Kabuki theater?!"

Above is a picture I took during our lunch in a ramen shop. Dunn's been quite a trooper when it comes to trying new foods, and I must say that all of the chopstick training has paid off. I've been particularly impressed with how willing he is to try his hand at speaking Japanese. We were at a street festival in Kyoto on Saturday and Dunn was happy to run back to a stand where we'd bought some food and ask, in Japanese, for some chopsticks. At his age I remember being too shy to ask for a cheeseburger at McDonald's--in English.

Hello from Japan

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Hello everybody. Japan has been very interesting and crowded. We rode the Bullet train, and ate sea weed. We are back from Kyoto and heading into Tokyo today. We already have some presents for Zach and Chase and Emma. Uncle Matt, we don't have one for you yet, but don't worry. Here is a picture of Dad and I in front of the cherry blossoms, they are very popular in Japan.

Gaijin in Nippon

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Hello everyone, I`m writing this from the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Kyoto. Dunn and I are having a great time and so far Dunn has not been kidnapped or hit by a bus. We`re taking tons of pictures and I`ll post some when we get back. Dunn wants me to tell you that he`s ate some raw egg noodles. I ate a snail. More later.

The Journey Begins

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Last night we all piled in the car and drove the brave adventurers to the airport...

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