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Sunday Best


For the past two weeks we’ve had a small LDS service each Sunday here at the 21st CSH. Our chaplain is not LDS but she’s been very helpful in putting out meeting times, providing space, complementary LDS edition scriptures, etc. Our first meeting was run by a national guardsman who had been set apart as a servicemen’s group leader. The following week, an LDS chaplain from the Utah Guard stopped by and led us. Both meetings were spirit filled and were attended by about a dozen or so soldiers and a handful of civilian volunteers and contractors. This week neither were available and while we had priesthood holders we couldn’t hold an officially sanctioned meeting as none of us been set apart as a group leader—a problem we will all rectify before we deploy to Iraq. It’s interesting how it works, you can read more about it here.

All Dogs Go to Heaven


At least let us hope that is true for this poor mutt. We came across him on one of our runs. After seeing the photo it occurs to me that I probably should not be smiling. My apologies Aunt Betsy.

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