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Sleep over

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Today at 1:30 I am going for a second time to my best freind Anthonys house as a sleep over.I am very exited to get away from my brothers for a little while.

Mariners game

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Tonight Zach, Dad and, me are going to a Mariners baseball game witch is our second time.Chase is disipointed that he can't go.One of me and Zachs favorite things is try to get our selves on tv.

Pacific Beware!

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Last week on our campout we hiked a three mile boardwalk to the ocean. When we got to the ocean, the first thing we did was take off our shoes and shirts and run to the water. We were expecting sand, but got rocks. We went in the water anyway to test our skill. When I decided to go back on the shore to dry I noticed that my foot was cut in two places. Dad was pretty sure that it was going to get infected and I kept on asking him if I was going to die. It was a miracle that it healed fine, but it sure did sting.

Ocean Camp

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Tomorrow we are going on our second two-day campout. I have made the menu. We are going to hike to the ocean from our campsite. We are hoping for better weather this time. Last time we didn't have that much luck.

This book is very funny. If you read Skinny Bones, this is different. There is a new bully. I likedthis book becuase it is funny. Alex is in a cat food commercial and the play "A Christmas Carol".

Four Stars

If you have read the book Hatchet and you liked it you whould like this book. There is a dog that has rabies. The starting of the adventure is when the van falls off the bridge. This book was pretty easy. I really liked it because it is an adventure.

Four Stars

The first story in this book is the scariest and it got not that scary as you read. I thought this book was pretty good. Three stars.

Book Report: Tom Sawyer

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This book is about a kid that has tons of adventures, like he gets lost in a cave. I really like this book. One of his best friends name is Hucklberry Finn. There is lots of excitement. Four stars

Book Report: Blubber

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Blubber is a really fat girl named Linda. All the other girls at school make fun of her. This book is very funny, and mean. The kids who are mean to Linda don't really learn their lesson, only one does, and she teaches the other girls a lesson.

Four stars

The War with Grandpa is about a kid who has lived in one room his whole life, but Grandpa comes in to live in his house and is taking his room and Pete is stuck in the guestroom. And the war begins.

Four stars

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