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This book is also about Billy (he is the boy from "How to Eat Fried Worms") except he tries to win a lottery. This was a pretty good book. If you can believe it, his little sister gave him the numbers three stars.

This a book about a kid named Billy who makes a bet that he could eat 15 fried worms (some boiled). I really like this book. Four stars.

Book Report: The Winter Room

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This book is about a family who lives on a farm and tells you about the summer, spring, winter and fall. Uncle David tells stories in the winter. This was an OK book. Three stars.

Toy Test

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Dunn testing the game 'Bionicle' at the Pacific Science Center.

This book was very cool. Two kids run away from home to a museum. They take baths in fountains, eat at restaraunts etc. I really liked this book. Once they got to the museum they saw a statue of an angel. In the book they try to figure out if it was done by Michelangelo.

Book Report: Guts by Gary Paulsen

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This is an interesting book. It is the true stories behind the things that happen in Hatchet. It has moose attacks, millions of mosquito bites and heart attacks. It is also a sad book because a boy dies.

Lost Tooth

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I have lost another tooth. It is the first tooth in two years! (A year later) Now I only need to loose 1 more tooth.

Book Report: The Magic Finger

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This book is about a girl who has a magic finger. Whenever she gets angry she casts a spell on them (which in this case are her friends). This is a pretty good book. Three stars.

This book is about a kid who makes so much toothpaste he makes more money than a toothpaste company. This was an interesting book, its OK. Three stars.

This is the best book I've read for a long time. It is about a 8 year old boy who makes medicine to cure his Grandma's growchiness. But does it work? I love this book. Four stars.

This book is about a dad and a son. They poach pheasants. One day Danny discovers the best poaching idea in the world. This was a great book. Four stars.

This book is about a boy who has an adventure away from his horrible Aunt on a peach across the ocean. I loved this book. Four stars.

Book Report: The Barn

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This is a sad book. It is about two boys and a girl whose father got palsy and they had to build a barn by themsleves. This is a pretty good book. Three stars.

This book is about the class of Mrs. Jewels. It is a pretty wierd book each chapter is a story about a different student. You wouldn't believe the crazy things they do. I really loved this book. Four stars.

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