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Fish at the Y.

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Yesterday our mom was going to a play with her friend.My friend invited me, Zach,and Chase to go swimming at the YMCA.Once I got the news I jumped for joy(swimming is one of my favorite sports.)It realy stank that they were 40 minutes late,but we swam for an hour and a half.We played shark attack,went the big blue slide,and just swam around.There was a insedent in the big pool so we had to get out.It was both exiting and fun.

Nintendo Vacation

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Dad and mom have decided to have a nintendo vacation for a month (nintendo 64, Exbox, Game Cube).I think it's a bumber.But they repaid us by taking us to the zoo and the park, oh yeah,and KFC chicken.I never thought having no game system would be so fun.

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