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Blue and Gold Banquet

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Dunn and I went the the annual Blue and Gold Banquet this evening. We didn't win the father & son cake competition, but we had fun trying. The winner was a cake made to look like a hot dog and french fries (go figure).

The Westhoff Olympic Games Commission realizes that the use of the word "Olympic" is probably a copyright violation.  If it will help we promise to donate all proceeds of the games to the IOC.

Dan is exorcising

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My brother Dan is exorcising his demons on his new weblog.

My valentine

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Happy Valentine's day! My valentine, the former Rachel Rackham of Thousand Oaks California, now has her own website, have a look-see.

Spelling bee

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Dunn is a great speller and made it to the all school second grade spelling bee where he succeeded in spelling his way to the alternate position. I keep telling him it isn't very nice to wish for illness for the first and second place spellers but he really wants to go to the district level...

Along those lines, the elementary schools here have an " Arkansas Quiz Bowl" where they compete against each other to see who knows the most about Arkansas state history etc. I have to admit I have avoided studying these facts with Dunn as I didn't really care if he knew all that much about Arkansas (couldn't we just forget the whole two years ever happened...)

Anyway, yesterday Dunn came bounding in from school and announced that HE was in the Quiz Bowl and he better get studying!!! I was astounded. "Dunn, we haven't studied those things at all, how did you make it into the Quiz Bowl?" "I guess I just got easy questions mom." So I began quizzing him on the little factoid sheets they sent home. Despite my best efforts, Dunn is a little Arkansas expert. State song (and composer) state seal, symbols of industry, gem, mineral, number of counties, understanding all the elements of the flag, when AR was in the confederacy, state bird, flower, tree, and on and on and on. You would not believe the number of dates he has memorized. I can only imagine how great he would do if his mom actually helped him and he didn't have to just pick up what he could from other kids studying etc. I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.

Surprise breakfast

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Last night I was nursing Emma in the living room when Chase came in and said, "Mommy, your surprise breakfast is ready for you." I was distracted and just said something like, "that's nice Chasey, Thank you". He came in later and told me I needed to come eat my breakfast he made me. This time I was on my way upstairs to change Emma into her jammies so I again put him off. At this point it had finally sunk in what Chase had been telling me and what might await me in my kitchen. I was a little nervous about going in and finding out exactly what my breakfast a'la' Chasey might entail. (memories of Dunn throwing raw eggs around the house were starting to fight their way out of my supressed consciousness)

At this point I heard John come in from a late night at work and when I didn't hear any loud yelling as he made his way through the kitchen I was a little emboldened. I made my way downstairs , intercepted by Chase on the stairs who was still very excited about this surprise breakfast concept. As I made my way to the kitchen I was met with a counter full of an odd assortment of fridge dwellers. It seems Chase's idea of the perfect surprise breakfast is: a jar of mayonaise, the ketchup bottle, kosher dill spears, a Hickory Farms summer sausage, a zip lock baggie of left over canned mushroom slices, and a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce. He was very upset when I started putting them back in the fridge without partaking of the feast and it took some smooth Mommy Maniputlations to convince him that it would be best to put his Breakfast in the fridge and we would eat it a little bit at a time over the next little while...

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