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Lake Ozette

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Last Thursday the boys and I drove all the way to the northwestern-most tip of the Olympic peninsula to camp at Lake Ozette. The lake itself is unremarkable (at least by Washington standards, it would no doubt be a standout anywhere else), what makes the spot a destination is the associated coastal trails. From Lake Ozette, the only access to the coast is by foot—on a three mile long boardwalk through rainforest. It really made for a remarkably beautiful hike.


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This is the first ever "ping" between and using a technology called TrackBack. If successfull, it will usher in a new era of solidarity within the Westhoff cyberworld, bringing a little bit more harmony to an otherwise chaotic world. If it fails...well, I don't want to think about it. The ping will link this entry to an entry on Dan's site in which he pleads with Matt and Dad to get their blogging houses in order. Well said Dan.

P.S. Don't forget to view the "Quickies" column when viewing this page, it's good to see people catching the vision there!

Pregnant Diane

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This is Diane at 27 weeks! P.S. It's a girl!

Haircut History

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Rachael's post reminded me that there is a great tradition of haircut photos in our family...

Grandma's House

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Mom called yesterday from Fort Leonard Wood, it was good to hear her over such a clear connection. Below is a picture of the house she is looking to buy, looks like a great place to visit! You can read more about it here.

At Safeco Field

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Last month I took Dunn and Zach to see a Mariner's game at Safeco field with a couple of friends from my residency. Today Ben Betteridge (pictured with his son on his shoulders--you may remember Ben as the guy who married the former Rachel Westhoff of the Kansas Westhoff's) gave me a picture his wife took during the game, and I thought I'd share.

My cute baby

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This is my cute little Addyson Jane


The Possibilities

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I, like Daniel am quite pleased to see the family starting to catch the vision of this site. Dan is an inspiration in that he has become quite a regular blogger. If you do not regularly visit his weblog you are missing out. I look forward to the day when he gets his act together and I am able to syndicate his content on this site. The cool thing about it is that by reading his day to day thoughts, I feel a lot more connected. It's funny because that's not necessarily obvious. See, Dan would not bother to call me and say "hey brother, I just wanted to call you and let you know how much I love my iBook today!" But knowing that Dan was thinking about his iBook that day puts me into Dan's world. Now when I see an iBook or even think about Apple's suductive new G5, I think of Daniel my brother. If I ever cave and go Mac you will be more connected to me, knowing that Daniel played a part in my corruption.


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I am sorry to report that Neva and I are homeless and bumming off friends.

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