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Pacific Beware!

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Last week on our campout we hiked a three mile boardwalk to the ocean. When we got to the ocean, the first thing we did was take off our shoes and shirts and run to the water. We were expecting sand, but got rocks. We went in the water anyway to test our skill. When I decided to go back on the shore to dry I noticed that my foot was cut in two places. Dad was pretty sure that it was going to get infected and I kept on asking him if I was going to die. It was a miracle that it healed fine, but it sure did sting.

Lake Ozette

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Last Thursday the boys and I drove all the way to the northwestern-most tip of the Olympic peninsula to camp at Lake Ozette. The lake itself is unremarkable (at least by Washington standards, it would no doubt be a standout anywhere else), what makes the spot a destination is the associated coastal trails. From Lake Ozette, the only access to the coast is by foot—on a three mile long boardwalk through rainforest. It really made for a remarkably beautiful hike.

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