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Matt Saves the Day!

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Since Matt did such a good job with our Christmas lights I shall post them so you can enjoy them with us.

And a good time was had by all!

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This is a shot of our first Thanksgiving in the Ozarks. It is too bad the rest of you could not be here, but it is not too late to make plans for Christmas!

Local Boy Makes Good!

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This is a shot of three Special Forces guys in Iraq. The guy in the middle is Derek Davis who was in our ward in Olathe and ran with Matt.

Brian at LORA

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Since nobody else is posting, and I don't have anything to say, I will post this picture of Brian at the Ft. Leonard Wood rec area this summer.

Details of Gibraltar Ape Attack!

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It has come to my attention that Neva has been spreading malicious lies concerning my alleged misconduct during our trip to Gibraltar. To quell the issue once and for all, I am posting this picture, which clearly shows that the ape attacked me and not the other way around!!!

We Love you Rachael!!!!

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In an effort to help Rachael cope with not being loved as a child, I am posting this picture, which clearly shows how happy John Boy and I were to have Rach in the family. (it was a 35mm slide)

Back by Request

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House Front Far 400.jpg

John Boy's Lot

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JohnB_Land 400.jpg

This is a shot of the lot next to ours. John Boy and Ray might build there when/if they get stationed here. The shot looks to the south west and the tree line is on our lot.

The hay does not come with the land-- Sorry John Boy.

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