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Christmas 2002

This year's Christmas photo winner goes to Emma, who in this picture looks exactly like "Emma-lou-who, who was no more than two."

This is the HUGE mystery present from Grandma Westhoff! Right before this photo was taken I told the boys to show their amazement at the size of this gift (as an aside, you can see from Chase's interpretation of this request that his middle name is appropriately "Martin"-- after his Grandma Westhoff who has her tongue out in photographs approximately 50% of the time).  Incidentally, none of them had a clue as to what the present (a toboggan) might be.  Incorrect guesses were "a basketball hoop" and "a DVD player." 

While unwrapping this gift, Chase said gleefully:  "I hope it's a DVD!"  He was indeed pleased to have his very own copy of "Monster's Inc."  Truly a pre-schooler of the new millennium.

This photo is classic, capturing Zach in his trademark "excited" pose (Dunn is opening a present from Zach).  To get the full effect, picture him jumping up and down with his arms flapping as if he were trying to fly away.

An oft repeated scene in our house.  This Christmas marked the induction of a new Padewon learner into the Jedi order, master Chase.

"TWO Nintendo games! AWESOME!"

Amidst the all the electronic media, it's good to know that some things haven't changed.  Santa brought Ray a full set of the Little House books, her favorites since childhood.