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I mean the one you mailed me not the one on the page. Well, both I guess. Whatever.

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Thanks Meagan and Daniel for the cute photo of Addyson :)

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Well, mother's weekend at BYU-I is over and a good time was had by all (minus the time mom got sick in a Gap bag in Jackson Hole). The weather was great, food good and a little tip Master and Commander and Hidalgo are both great movies.

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Hey Daniel what's up with your webpage? I tried to go to it but it would not display.

She's going the distance!

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Yes that's right I, Mary Kathleen Westhoff, ran six miles today.

Ski Idaho

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Well, it's official. My skiing lessons begin on Tuesday!

Mrs. Buddy Holly

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Hi! These are my new bottle caps.

Last entry for a while

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Greetings from Utah! I can't tell you how nice it has been to spend the weekend in civilization. Don't get me wrong I love the great outdoors (Idaho) but it is nice to visit the big city now and then and the shopping wasn't too bad ether. My summer term is almost over and I will get to spend a week or so with mom and dad before fall semester. Peace out.

My Fellow Westhoffs

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HI! It is an honor to be a part of this website with my fellow Westhoffs. I can only say that I am greatful I found out ahead of time that is is bad form to post a prego picture of myself. I was unaware that there is a certain code of conduct that I need to follow as long as I am a member of this modern, high speed family. Although I am very happy to be a part of this page, I hate to report that I will not be coming to the website 100 times a day (like some of you) concidering the fact that I do not have regular access, hence the reason I will not be updating it on a regular basis. Hope you enjoy what you have for now.

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