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Reflection Lakes

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The boys and I just got back from our first camping trip of the season. We spent two nights in Mt. Rainier Park (at Cougar Rock camping area)--the trip was a great success and noteworthy because it was the first time we'd gone for more than one night, and the first time we've had to deal with rain (lucklily I had anticipated just such an eventuality and recently purchased a very large rain fly). Also of note, Dunn planned the menu, and chase walked the entire duration of the day hike on his own two little feet. As you can see from the pictures, it got a bit chilly on the day hike we made to Reflection lakes--much to the delight of the boys who acted like they'd been raised in Hawaii and were seeing snow for the first time.

Sound to Narrows 2003

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Last Saturday we took the kids to Point Defiance for a popular local race called Sound to Narrows. I did the 12K and Dunn, Zach and Chase all ran in a kids 2K--to our amazement Chase ran the whole way, soundly beating kids much older than himself (the race was open for kids 4-10, Chase is 10). After the race we went to the zoo, I think this was a first for Emma--she enjoyed it much more than Dunn did at her age (he was terrified).

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