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The Pink Ladies

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J Lo's Spring collection presents...

Going Japanese: Kyoto

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For those of you that might not have heard, my oldest son Dunnington and I recently returned from a trip to Japan. I had considered myself reasonably well traveled, having lived in Europe and otherwise growing up all over the country--I’d even been to Canada. It struck me when we landed at Yokota Air Force Base outside of Tokyo that I had not set foot on foreign soil in fifteen years (well, not counting Canada). And this was very foreign soil.

Katie the Horse

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I was looking through all of the pictures today and I had to share.

Larsen family photos

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Today we went to Bountiful for some Larsen family photos. This one didn’t quite make the cut, but I cropped it and I have posted it here for your viewing injoyment.


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Yesterday we got out of the megatropolis of Tokyo and visited the woodland realm of Nikko. The above picture was taken at a famous shrine there which also serves as the tomb of one of Japan's greatest Shoguns. I don't recall his name, but his relationship with a shipwrecked Portugese sailor was the basis for the book and movie "Shogun." You can see Dunnington in a white t-shirt climbing the stairs. The outstanding feature of this shrine is that it is much more ornately decorated than any building we had seen previously. This is very un-Zen, but apparently that was the Zeitgeist. The building pictured is actually just one of the gates in the complex.


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Had some time this morning before breakfast so thought I'd put up a couple more pictures...


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Today we made our first excursion into Tokyo. The highlight of the day was taking in a bit of traditional Japanese theater. I find myself sounding very much like my dad: "Do you know how old I was before I got to go to Kabuki theater?!"

Above is a picture I took during our lunch in a ramen shop. Dunn's been quite a trooper when it comes to trying new foods, and I must say that all of the chopstick training has paid off. I've been particularly impressed with how willing he is to try his hand at speaking Japanese. We were at a street festival in Kyoto on Saturday and Dunn was happy to run back to a stand where we'd bought some food and ask, in Japanese, for some chopsticks. At his age I remember being too shy to ask for a cheeseburger at McDonald's--in English.

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