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East Coast Trip

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Hello to you all, and have a happy Summer.

Some of you may not know, especially those wackos that have no relation to the Westhoffs, by either family or friend and yet insist on plaguing the site with their presence anyway, that my dad, Dunn, and I took a vacation to historic Williamsburg and surrounding area, including Jamestown, Yorktown, and Washington D.C. for a week, and this is basically how it went.



I wrote this poem for my book report on The Fellowship of the Ring:

The Fellowship carries the ring
With elves, men and hobbits that sing.
Theres also a dwarf and his axe
And Gandalf that tells them the facts,
So they'll know how to finish this thing.

Bilbo gave his gold ring to Frodo.
Gandalf said to mount doom it must go.
So he left with his friends,
On a road that never ends
With a light that will grow in its glow.


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This Halloween can not go Trick or Treating because it is on Sunday. Instead we're going Trunk or Treating. I was a Mad Scientist.I had green hair that was all spiked up. I also had black all over my face so that it looked like something blew up. I was also wearing my dad's doctor shirt. I had a really great time. It was so fun.

This is the last Great Brain book I can read because I finished the series. In this book the Great Brain goes to the academy. I can't give you any more information except that he runs an illegal candy store. 4+

In this book the main thing is how Tom stops dogfighting in Adenville. Tom saves someone's life in it too. 4+.

This book is about a boy named Benjamin who goes out one day. He cuts himself in a badger hole about ten miles from his house and for some reason crawls into it. This book was a four plus.

In this Great Brain book Tom builds a home made carnival ride called the chute the chute and charges kids a penny to ride it. Back then a penny was worth much more than it is now. Even though he got to do it free at the acadamy. I only know that because it says that in the book. I haven't read the Great Brain at the Acadamy yet. This book was a four plus. Now I am going to look at all my book reports and count them up.

As you have probably guessed the Great Brain comes back from the Acadamy. I don't know what he does at the Acadamy becuase I haven't read that book yet because mom couldn't find it at the library (she put it on hold and now it is ready to pick up). In this book Tom puts John's two best friends lives in danger but then he saves them. I had a great time reading this book and I hope you do too. This book was a four plus.

At the end of this book the kids make Tom reform but if you read the next one things don't stay that way. As you have probably noticed I have only read one not Great Brain book. Well that's because I love the series and I don't want to read a book that's not a Great Brain book till I finish the series. This book was a four plus. The kids made him reform because he swindled them all ten times so they held a trial and John made a kid named Howard be a judge. They made Tom reform or none of the kids would speak to him or be his friend for an entire year.

This book was a mixture of American Tall Tales like Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed (who is really John Chapman), Joe Magaric (or something like that) and other ones. This book was a three.

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