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The First Snowfall


A few days ago we got our first snowfall of the season and it was a pretty good amount. Harker and Hyrum were so excited to get out in the snow and play but were quick to change their minds. Harker would fall down and not be able to get back up and I think Hyrum was just a little upset that the snow was so cold.



Dan called my attention to the fact that Westhoff.Net was recently hacked. The hacker, identifying himself as iSKORPiTX ("Turkish Hacker") was kind and did not do any irreversible damage--he simply replaced the index page (the page you're reading now) with this. It's a milestone really, has been hacked. It was...inevitable I suppose. I've got to figure out this security thing.

Mom and Dad's Big Day


Don't forget to make a phone call or send off a card this week. Oh, and Ray, I ordered both those books- used on Amazon. I am looking forward to reading them.

No Comment


I've disabled comments on Westhoff.Net for the time being on accounta' excessive spam postings. Read more about the problem here and here. I'm still working on deleting all of the old spam.

Abused Mom

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OK- so I was watching cartoons with the boys and the next thing I knew I was hit in the face with a baseball bat. How was I to know that Brad hid the solid wood bat (he bought at the Cleveland Indian's baseball game) under the couch and that when I had moved the furniture around to clean that Harker had found it? And who would have thought my three year old would sit down next to me and start practicing his swing for the major league? I don't think those people staring at me at the mall today suspected Harker. I wonder if Brad is going to be seen with me in public for the next few days!

Election Day!

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Hello all, I'm coming to you from Washington Westhoff campaign headquarters (i.e. my couch). I anticipate sitting here all day watching the talking heads while I surf the (wireless) web for real-time fact checking. I hope all of my friends/family in "swing" states are getting out the vote today. Ray and I voted by absentee ballot a week or two ago. Viva democracy, eh!

Trunk or Treat

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Brad caught and bound Spiderman to showcase at the trunk or treat festivities. He did such a great job only to find out they were not giving out prizes this year. Harker didn't want to share his costume at first but he soon got into the spirit of it all. Note the Spiderman pumpkin that I mentioned on an earlier post.

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