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The Rolla Weekly

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Well this week has been rather exciting. I have done something basically every day. On Sunday I took my friend Shay to steak conference and we sat with Joryn (a friend from church that both Shay and I are very well acquainted with) for the entire two hour session. If you're wondering what shay is doing at stake conference (Shay is a friend from school) its because she has been coming to church with me and Joryn for the past month now. Pretty exciting! She seems to get along with the young women in the ward there very well and enjoys the activities they do on Wednesdays.


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Go aunt Katie!


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Thanks John and Ray for the E-card. We loved it!

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I mean the one you mailed me not the one on the page. Well, both I guess. Whatever.

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Thanks Meagan and Daniel for the cute photo of Addyson :)

Compress This

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Dan, Try compressing your....

Photo compression

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Rachael, try compressing your photos before you upload them. Not everyone has high-speed Internet.

Coming Home

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It's already Friday morning here. Today we start the long journey home.


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For those of you that haven't heard, Brad got a Fly-Back from Progressive (Overland Park!). Oh, and my Boil drainage went well and makes for a pretty good story.

You can't beat Japan

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I was going to post something today, but I can't beat Japan. I will have to wait until John and Dunn get back. Peace out!

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