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This Halloween can not go Trick or Treating because it is on Sunday. Instead we're going Trunk or Treating. I was a Mad Scientist.I had green hair that was all spiked up. I also had black all over my face so that it looked like something blew up. I was also wearing my dad's doctor shirt. I had a really great time. It was so fun.


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It's to bad Halloween is on sunday. But instead we are having a trunk or treat at our church. I'm going to be a samuri. Pleas give me a comment on what you are going (or was) to be.


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Go aunt Katie!

Come back

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The website is getting kinda bouring. Infact only Aunt Rachael, Grandma westhoff, and I have made a post in a month. I beg of you come back!

Halloween Prep

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Harker is all about Halloween. He is loving every single bit of it (except for the life size dancing monsters and goblins at the store). He was even invited to a Halloween party at his friend's house this Friday. He is supposed to bring a decorated pumpkin and he wants his to be a spiderman pumpkin. We'll see what we can do.


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Hi. As you noticed I haven't made a post in a while so I am making up for it right now. I realy like kindergarten. I had a realy hard spelling test with words like snake and I had to draw a picture of one, it was fun. Every other wendsday I get to bring lunch to school thats one of my favorite thing's about school. I will try to keep posting as much as I can.

Video games

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Are favorite video games are......

Super Smash Brothers-A game were all you praticly do just fight with people like,Link,Mario,donkey kong,yoshie,and many more charecters.
Rated T for cartoon vilence

Wind Waker-is another link adventure with plenty of levles,secrets,enemys,and lots of stuff you don't need to do.
Rated E for every one.

Clone Wars-The movie is turned into a game in Star Wars Clone Wars.With plenty of extra levles this action paked game will glue you to the couch.
Rated T

The Hobbit-This game is hard, fun, and good.It has levels from the book like Riddels in the dark, Flie's and spiders and more.
Rated E for every one

Deticated to uncle Dan


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Fith grade has been much harder than fourth.I think Mrs.Faubion(my fourth grade teacher)went a littel to easy but was still fun.Infact most kids say she's one of the hardest.Fith grade has lunch about a half hour after fourth and third grade,so it seem's like it takes for ever for lunch to come.


Second grade is more fun than first because, there's more work.First grade was to easy.Reading is much more fun in second grade because there's more stuff to do.We got to study explore's like columbus.

Pumpkin Patch

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We spent Saturday at the KC Pumkin Patch (Gardner KS) having a blast. It was a lot of fun and we took a million pictures so I just thought I would share a few.

I need a new bottle of 409

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My kids are downstairs making a mess, I know they are because I can hear them and somehow I don't really care. I mean, sometimes a few minutes of alone time is worth cleaning up a mess. Besides, it can't be any worse than yesterday. Harker was in the basement with me during Hyrum's nap and suddenly needed to go potty. He ascended the stairs holding his bottom with his hand and I assured him I would follow behind shortly in case he needed help (you know, sometimes the newly potty trained needs his mommy to wipe).

I'm Back

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Ok John, I said I would get back to business and I am taking a baby step. I have been busy getting ready for all of the company that will be coming my way soon. Mom and Dad will be up Friday to get Aunt Audrey and visit for the weekend. Brad's parents are also coming out this weekend for a visit. Brad is taking a couple of needed days off of work for time with the fam and we are all excited.

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