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Far Away Haircuts

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Today we are going to Fort Lewis to get a haircut. I've all ready had mine, these will be for Zach and Chase. It will be a family day.

My cousin Carrie will be coming tomorrow for eight days. That means she'll stay for the fourth of July. I'm really excited.

Book reports

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The book reports you're seeing are part of a summer reading program we have started for the kids. More on this later.

Who is Chase?

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Chase is the youngest son of Rachel and John. He is illiterate so any entry attributed to him is entered via dictation to his Mommy or Daddy.

Kids saved cars that were stuck in the mud.

Six stars

A boy had a crayon and it was purple. His name was Harold. He went for a walk and drew things and tehn he came home and went to sleep.

Four stars

This book is about two children whose mother died. The children and thier father figure out how to get a wife adn maybe a mom.

Three stars

This book is about a little girl who lives in the woods. It tells you how they made cheese, maple sugar and make venison.

You might be amazed at how well behaved they had to be and the stories Pa tells.

Three stars

Book Report: Freckle Juice

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This book was kind of boring becuase a boy wanted freckles.

Two and a half stars

Book Report: The BFG

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This book was funny because the giants had a free for all.
Four stars

House Update

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Well, for those of you keeping up with the tree on the garage saga that has overtaken our lives the last two days, I will tell you what's up so far.

Yeah, nice.

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Rachel took the kids to the zoo today and came home to find that representatives of our home owners association had felled a tree right into our garage. Nice. I'll stop here so as to not say anything unkind that could potentially be used against me in a court of law.

Last day in the OR

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Today is my last day of anesthesia! Back at Madigan next month.

Questioning Day

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Tomarow I can either go to the zoo or my best friends house.I think this is a very serious siguaton. Im probely going to my friends house, since Iv never been there before(Iv been to the zoo alot this summer .) Maybe its not to serious after all.

Best Friend

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Today my best friend Anthony is coming over for the second time(Anthony is practily the only friend I have thats my age.) I also had a friend named Eliotte. But we dont play much now.

Who is Zachary?

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Zachary is the second son of Rachel and John. He is recently literate, but unable to type. His entries are entered via Mom or Dad also.

Who is Daniel?

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Dan is the man with the master plan to make you wiggle and jiggle like gelatin. He is John's youngest brother and the purveyor of a blog all his own. He is also an author on this site. Dan is a pre-law student at Utah State and he and his wife Megan recently had their first child, Addyson.

Who is Dunn?

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There will be some limited info on Dunn here.

School's Out

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The first day of summer we didn't have a big party but we did go over to a new neighbor that is across the street and played there the rest of the day, and that was how we celebrated the first day of summer.

Reflection Lakes

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The boys and I just got back from our first camping trip of the season. We spent two nights in Mt. Rainier Park (at Cougar Rock camping area)--the trip was a great success and noteworthy because it was the first time we'd gone for more than one night, and the first time we've had to deal with rain (lucklily I had anticipated just such an eventuality and recently purchased a very large rain fly). Also of note, Dunn planned the menu, and chase walked the entire duration of the day hike on his own two little feet. As you can see from the pictures, it got a bit chilly on the day hike we made to Reflection lakes--much to the delight of the boys who acted like they'd been raised in Hawaii and were seeing snow for the first time.

Girl Time

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John has bravely taken the boys on a two night camping expedition so Emma and I are left to ourselves till Saturday afternoon. We are spending the day at Ikea and the Supermall with a possible side trip to a thrift store or two.

Sound to Narrows 2003

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Last Saturday we took the kids to Point Defiance for a popular local race called Sound to Narrows. I did the 12K and Dunn, Zach and Chase all ran in a kids 2K--to our amazement Chase ran the whole way, soundly beating kids much older than himself (the race was open for kids 4-10, Chase is 10). After the race we went to the zoo, I think this was a first for Emma--she enjoyed it much more than Dunn did at her age (he was terrified).

Westhoff.Net 2.0

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Welcome! I was going to wait until I was "completely" finished but I decided to go ahead and unveil the new site. There is more to come, but you get the idea. I am still in the process of reformating some of the old content to the new site format. Have a look around--and feel free to leave a comment.

Who is Rachel?

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Rachel is married to the webmaster of this page. She rocks also. You can find her page here.

Who is John?

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John is the webmaster of this page. In the future this FAQ entry may contain more information about John, but right now this is all there is. You can see an index of John's contributions to this site here.

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