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Taum Sauk Mountain

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Happy Father's Day everyone.  I'm doing some tinkering on the back-end of the website and thought I'd use some pictures from a hike we did last fall as a "test post."  This particular hike was significant as the entire family was able to summit Taum Sauk mountain, the highest point in all of Missouri!

Six and a Half Bikes

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Rachel and I have been saying for years how great it would be if all of our family had bikes so that we could go on rides together.  A couple of months ago we started applying resources towards that goal and we are pleased to announce that we are living our dream--we are Missouri's newest biker gang.  Quite impressive, as you can see from the following picture.  That's no small investment in bike-transporting equipment I might add, particularly since I had to get the trailer hitch installed for just that purpose.
Yesterday we made our maiden voyage, i.e. our first real destination ride.  We chose the Katy trail for our three hour tour, Missouri's St. Louis to Kansas city "rails to trails" park.

The Wizards Apprentice

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betterwisapprent.mp3 This is me playing my saxophone. A long while back. Like in the fall. 


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Well the last time I made a post about my life and the things I liked was like four years ago. Allot of things have changed since then. For instance, instead of being ten, I'm now fourteen. Though a lot of things have changed since then.

To all Westhoff-dom.

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Since this thing is functioning properly you guys should all kinda morph back onto it so that instead of checking out every ones separate blogs i can get on here and see everything at once. And my father worked very hard on this and it would be a shame to see his work go to waste.

Dunn's DC

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Our trip to DC consisted mostly of walking and sightseeing and stuffing our selves with the most delightful things to eat. For example on our trip to DC I had my first taste of sushi and calamari ever. Which is odd because on an earlier trip (which thanks to this sight you can also read about) to Japan I never did. I ate other peculiar things such as cartilage and nasty vegetables and sea weed. Believe it or not Zach also ate some of the squid. If you know my brother that is something to put in the history books at school. Though I don't no if it counts cause the squid had been heavily fried and was more of a Japanese chicken nugget than a Japanese squid.

At The Lake


Luke was ready for S'mores!

So Long for Now


Today we said goodbye to Grandpa.

My Little Brad


We borrowed dad's scanner and have been getting a lot of old photos on the computer. I thought I would share this one of Brad in first grade.

Trip to Rolla


Emma's Art!

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