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Ray's Pizza Crust Recipe

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My sister Becca needed a couple recipes while on vacation. Here are my pizza dough and her most excellent "Death By Chocolate" cake...

Zach's Prose

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Apparently Zach's class has to write a sentence for each spelling word. Some time ago, Zach took it upon himself to fit all the words in as few sentences as possible while making the whole thing make sense. The excersice has yielded some impressive writing. Here is his latest (remember, first grade folks):

A wakeful bat, that hung beneath a tree, swooped down and flew to the ridge of the granary. Then when the bat went back, it swooped at a snake but the snake slithered away. Then the frosty ground glistened in the moonlight.

I have to wonder if "granary" wasn't a list word as well and he just forgot to underline it. I can't imagine he came up with granary all on his own... ) Then again, you never can tell with Zachy.

The Journey Begins

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Last night we all piled in the car and drove the brave adventurers to the airport...

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Way to go Kate!!! I am in awe. I hope you have a great time skiing tomorrow. My advice is do what it takes to stay warm, especially your toes. It's worth buying a couple of those toe warmer packs that you slip under your socks in your boot-I used to hate skiing cause my feet would get so cold but with warm toes it's acutally quite fun. Good luck, you'll do great!!

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Congrats on getting in to law school Dan!!! You rock!!!!

Snowed in on Sunday

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Our Bishop cancelled church services today on account of the snow so John settled in for some cozy Board Review in front of the fire.

Snowy Saturday

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The combination of a freak snowstorm and Dad off work made for a great day of sledding yesterday!

Luke Looks Good

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Just wanted to give you all a chance to see how chubby and adorable Luke is getting. He will be two months old next week. We love and miss you all. Come see us whenever you can!!!

Lovely Luke

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Just a quick note to tell you all how enraptured I am with my latest little heart throb. He is beautiful and getting filled out and chubbier every day. Already his little bottom and legs are losing that "froggy butt" look and are starting to plump up and look infanty. He is a good natured baby and is never unhappy as long as there is a binky or breast nearby. He sleeps fairly well for someone who's only nine pounds big and seventeen days old. He is a wonder and I am truely a blessed woman. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of him and post them for your viewing pleasure.


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38 wks 2 days not much change in the cervix dept. We are on the books for induction this Saturday morning the 30th unless they get slammed with patients and have no beds.

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