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Pre Fathers Day, Day

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Well today the Westhoff family had quite a few adventures. Most of them were for the better, but the interesting stuff was for the worst (now you have to read!). We woke up this wonderful Saturday morning as if it was just a regular Saturday morning. And it was. The only difference was that this Saturday morning we were heading over to the Fort (Fort Leonard Wood) to go swimming at the pool there. This pool is well known for its high dive. Its definitely the favorite part of the pool for every one. Sept Lukie, who was having a great time learning to swim.

Boy vs. Wild

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You may have heard of the survival show "Man vs. Wild". That is my favorite show of all time. Its a show that demonstrates different survival tactics in all sorts of different terrains. Bear Grylls (the guy in the show) may not be by him self the whole time. But he does teach me a lot of useful skills. For instance: how to climb (trees, rocks, really big rocks), make fire (in various ways), catch fish, trap game, and how to not puke when eating large grubs... Though I haven't really got the hang of that one... Any way in one of his shows he made himself a repelling harness out of vine in order to climb down a 40 foot water fall. It looked simple enough, so I figured I had nothing better to do that climb up a tree and repel down it. With a rope I found in my garage and using a technique I got off a television show. 

Roby's Finest!


Making his rounds all over town putting out old flames! Dad, I am so proud of you. Missouri is a safer place.

Gravy Freedom


Mandatory gravy is a thing of the past here. I like to think that my fearless patient advocacy played a small role in this.

Settling In


I worked my first real shift last night in the ED. It wasn't too busy, no trauma. The highlights were draining a large abcess and a soldier who (seriously) wanted me to write him a profile stating he should not eat gravy. He had apparently gotten into a heated discussion with the contractors who serve our morning chow and had been escorted out of the area by MPs. For some reason the contractors have adopted a no gravy, no food policy. He's not allergic and has no dietary restrictions, he just doesn't like it. I told him to go for the cold cereal option on mornings that they serve gravy. He insisted that that wouldn't work because he eats "five to six times" what a normal person eats and he could never get full that way. I didn't write a profile for him but I did tell him I'd raise the issue with command, and would he mind talking to our psychiatrist for a bit. He thought that would be swell as there are several other things that have been bugging him. You think?

I's Goin' Be Good!


The famous Chef Paul Prudhomme stopped by and fed us all an authentic Cajun meal last night, complete with Zydeco music. It was good, I gear-un-tee! (That was for my Dad). I also got his autograph. A few more pictures from this adventure follow. More later.

Green Lake


We spent Memorial Day on the trail to Green Lake. As our time is short in Washington we are anxious to get outdoors as much as the weather will cooperate. Mindful of the holiday, we had had the kids watch a documentary on the Battle of the Bulge the night before and Zachary--a very imaginative child, spent much of his time far away in the woods around Bastogne, lobbing grenades at German machine gun positions and (repeatedly) dying in a very heroic manner. His late Uncle Raymond, a veteran of that battle, would no doubt have been pleased to see the energetic, if not always historically accurate reinactment by his great great great nephew. More pictures below.

A Long Expected Party


Chase turned six last week. He had wanted to go skiing for his birthday, but since all of the Washington resorts are closed for want of snow--he settled for a "Lord of the Rings" party. Thanks Grandma for the Monopoly game!

Christmas Letter 2004


Friends & Family,

Rachel mentioned to me recently that she is approaching a landmark: the longest period of time she has not been pregnant since we were married. So goes the transition to midlife for both of us. We have no clue what (or rather, where) the coming year holds for us, but one thing is certain—this will be our last Christmas in Washington. Eventually the Army will get around to telling us where we’ll be next year, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. We’re looking forward to the adventure.

Trek to Lake West

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A couple of weeks ago the boys and I set out on our first true backpack-in campout. We got off to a late afternoon start and ended up walking for the last hour in the dark. Chase was not shy about letting us all know he did not like walking in the woods at night one little bit.

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