Recently in FAQ Category exists to serve the friends and relatives of the Westhoff family. In it's current form, it is essentially a weblog or "blog." It is not meant to contribute in any meaningful way to the "online community" at large. We apologize for any incovenience this may cause.

Who is Mary?

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Mary is the youngest of the five children of John Sr. and Neva Westhoff. She is commonly known to her family as Katie.

Who is Rachael?

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Rachael is Rachael Mangum, the oldest Westhoff sister, wife of Brad (John) Mangum. "RPG" stands for "Rachael P. Girl" and should not be confused with "Rocket Propelled Grenade."

Who is Matthew?

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Matthew is John's younger brother, Dan's older brother. He lives in Kansas. Perhaps in the future, there will be more information here.

Who is Grandpa?

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Grandpa is Grandpa Westhoff, or John Westhoff, Sr.

Who is Neva?

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Neva is Grandma Westhoff.

Who is Chase?

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Chase is the youngest son of Rachel and John. He is illiterate so any entry attributed to him is entered via dictation to his Mommy or Daddy.

Who is Zachary?

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Zachary is the second son of Rachel and John. He is recently literate, but unable to type. His entries are entered via Mom or Dad also.

Who is Daniel?

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Dan is the man with the master plan to make you wiggle and jiggle like gelatin. He is John's youngest brother and the purveyor of a blog all his own. He is also an author on this site. Dan is a pre-law student at Utah State and he and his wife Megan recently had their first child, Addyson.

Who is Dunn?

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There will be some limited info on Dunn here.

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