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Dunn's in debt.

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Hello everyone. I have had quite a boring day here in Rolla Missouri. And I don't want all of you mothers out there saying, "Well if your SO bored why don't you just get of the couch and help me clean up this place!", because that would not fit the situation. In fact I did clean the house, but sadly to say it wasn't all out of love for my amazing mother. 

Pre Fathers Day, Day

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Well today the Westhoff family had quite a few adventures. Most of them were for the better, but the interesting stuff was for the worst (now you have to read!). We woke up this wonderful Saturday morning as if it was just a regular Saturday morning. And it was. The only difference was that this Saturday morning we were heading over to the Fort (Fort Leonard Wood) to go swimming at the pool there. This pool is well known for its high dive. Its definitely the favorite part of the pool for every one. Sept Lukie, who was having a great time learning to swim.

Boy vs. Wild

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You may have heard of the survival show "Man vs. Wild". That is my favorite show of all time. Its a show that demonstrates different survival tactics in all sorts of different terrains. Bear Grylls (the guy in the show) may not be by him self the whole time. But he does teach me a lot of useful skills. For instance: how to climb (trees, rocks, really big rocks), make fire (in various ways), catch fish, trap game, and how to not puke when eating large grubs... Though I haven't really got the hang of that one... Any way in one of his shows he made himself a repelling harness out of vine in order to climb down a 40 foot water fall. It looked simple enough, so I figured I had nothing better to do that climb up a tree and repel down it. With a rope I found in my garage and using a technique I got off a television show. 

See Me Run

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As all of you may have heard, I have made a lot of progress on my running skills since my last entry dedicated to running (actually it was my fathers, if you'd like to read that search for See Dunn Run). You may remember that great mile marker for me that day.That was the day I made it into the plural mile club. I ran 2 whole miles! Well ever since then (I was about ten... now I'm fourteen) I have made running not only a hobby of mine but also my sport. I am not afraid to "express my greatness" (bragging), so for those of you with low self esteem, please stop reading this article. 

The Wizards Apprentice

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betterwisapprent.mp3 This is me playing my saxophone. A long while back. Like in the fall. 

The Rolla Weekly

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Well this week has been rather exciting. I have done something basically every day. On Sunday I took my friend Shay to steak conference and we sat with Joryn (a friend from church that both Shay and I are very well acquainted with) for the entire two hour session. If you're wondering what shay is doing at stake conference (Shay is a friend from school) its because she has been coming to church with me and Joryn for the past month now. Pretty exciting! She seems to get along with the young women in the ward there very well and enjoys the activities they do on Wednesdays.


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Well the last time I made a post about my life and the things I liked was like four years ago. Allot of things have changed since then. For instance, instead of being ten, I'm now fourteen. Though a lot of things have changed since then.

To all Westhoff-dom.

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Since this thing is functioning properly you guys should all kinda morph back onto it so that instead of checking out every ones separate blogs i can get on here and see everything at once. And my father worked very hard on this and it would be a shame to see his work go to waste.

Dunn's DC

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Our trip to DC consisted mostly of walking and sightseeing and stuffing our selves with the most delightful things to eat. For example on our trip to DC I had my first taste of sushi and calamari ever. Which is odd because on an earlier trip (which thanks to this sight you can also read about) to Japan I never did. I ate other peculiar things such as cartilage and nasty vegetables and sea weed. Believe it or not Zach also ate some of the squid. If you know my brother that is something to put in the history books at school. Though I don't no if it counts cause the squid had been heavily fried and was more of a Japanese chicken nugget than a Japanese squid.

Dunn's Williamsburg

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On May 22, 2008 an adventurous trio set out on a six day venture from Rolla Missouri to Washington D.C. I was a member of this historic Trio. My name is John Dunnington Westhoff, but you may know me as Dunn. The other two adventurers were my brother Zach and our father John. They shall be referred to as Zach and Dad. The next few paragraphs you're about to read consist of the happenings of this spectacular six day adventure.

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