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Matt Saves the Day!

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Since Matt did such a good job with our Christmas lights I shall post them so you can enjoy them with us.

Thanks Mom!

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The grub was great! Dan said he will pay you back one day!

Mrs. Buddy Holly

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Hi! These are my new bottle caps.

And a good time was had by all!

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This is a shot of our first Thanksgiving in the Ozarks. It is too bad the rest of you could not be here, but it is not too late to make plans for Christmas!

Santa's my Baby's Daddy's Daddy!

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There are quite a few perks when Santa is your Grandpa. Like how you get to go to the mall and get your picture taken with Saint Nick and you don't even have to pay for them! You can also get them done a week before Thanksgiving when they are testing out all of the equipment. Santa also always thinks you have been nice no matter what his son has to say.

Local Boy Makes Good!

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This is a shot of three Special Forces guys in Iraq. The guy in the middle is Derek Davis who was in our ward in Olathe and ran with Matt.

Brian at LORA

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Since nobody else is posting, and I don't have anything to say, I will post this picture of Brian at the Ft. Leonard Wood rec area this summer.


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Details of Gibraltar Ape Attack!

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It has come to my attention that Neva has been spreading malicious lies concerning my alleged misconduct during our trip to Gibraltar. To quell the issue once and for all, I am posting this picture, which clearly shows that the ape attacked me and not the other way around!!!

We Love you Rachael!!!!

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In an effort to help Rachael cope with not being loved as a child, I am posting this picture, which clearly shows how happy John Boy and I were to have Rach in the family. (it was a 35mm slide)

See Dunn Run

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Dunnington started running with me a few weeks ago and already he is up to two miles! We're going slow, I'm only letting him run twice a week for now so he doesn't get hurt. Dunn was inspired to get serious when I told him I saw a whole family run St. George, the youngest member being eight years old. If he sticks with it, by the time we move to Missouri, he will be ready to train with Grandma for a marathon.

Video Journal

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About a month ago I realized that I was starting to do to Hyrum what my parents had done to me. You see, it is really hard for me to find baby pictures of myself at my parents' house. It is not just that I was the second child and my parents were not so charmed with the baby thing after John. No, it always seemed to me that all of my siblings had more pictures than myself. My mom has forever explained that slides were the "in" thing at the time and assures me that there are plenty of slides. So, if I could just run down to the Wal-Mart and pick up a slide projector I would be all set. I guess I will just have to wait for the day I can afford to get them all put onto a DVD or something. I will not make my little Hyrum a digital only baby. I dusted off the ancient camera and made some hard copies (of course I had them put onto a disk too!). Thought I might share a few.


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John and Rachel-Where are all the Halloween pictures of the kids?

Back by Request

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House Front Far 400.jpg

John Boy's Lot

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JohnB_Land 400.jpg

This is a shot of the lot next to ours. John Boy and Ray might build there when/if they get stationed here. The shot looks to the south west and the tree line is on our lot.

The hay does not come with the land-- Sorry John Boy.

Blues Bonding

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Harker is so happy to have a little brother that is starting to come alive. He will crawl around the house saying, "Hyrum, come here!" Sometimes Hyrum will actually follow him to his room where Harker will show him all his toys and sing him songs. This week Hyrum has started pulling himself up. A whole new world for both of them.

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