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Move along


Move along, nothing to see here. The Westhoffs have no more interest in posting to this blog. All the fun has moved to Take care and have a good day.


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Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there?

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Happy 1st B-day

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I can’t believe that my little baby is one year old today. In honor of the Rackhams we striped her down and gave her chocolate cake. Man, Ray’s family has some good ideas.


(B. Harish, Bhilai)

People in general tend to use the two words interchangeably. But I understand that there is a difference between the two. A "lawyer" is someone who knows the law and has been admitted to the bar. He advises his clients about their legal rights and often pleads their cases in a court of law. In the strictest sense an attorney need not be a lawyer; in other words, he need not be someone who practices law. An "attorney" is someone empowered to act in a legal capacity on someone's behalf. For example, when you give the power of attorney to someone, you are authorising the individual to act on your behalf. This individual need not be a lawyer; he could be anyone - your brother, husband or friend. If you wish to use the word "attorney" to mean "lawyer", then the correct term is "attorney at law". Remember the famous Perry Mason? He was an "Attorney at law".


Terror Level

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Today's terror alert level is:

Terror Alert Level


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Thanks John and Ray for the E-card. We loved it!

What's an aggie?

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Although married, we are now both bachelors.

The Pink Ladies

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J Lo's Spring collection presents...

Larsen family photos

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Today we went to Bountiful for some Larsen family photos. This one didn’t quite make the cut, but I cropped it and I have posted it here for your viewing injoyment.

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