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Christmas Letter 2008

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I have decided to break with tradition this year and actually finish and publish the family Christmas letter.  A quick check of reveals that the last time our family went to press with a cheeky yuletide update was 2004.  Gentle reader, I take full blame for this shameful travesty.  Let's move on then shall we, and knock this out before I run out of diet soda.

Christmas with the Parents


Santa was very nice to Harker and Hyrum this year. Harker went to bed on Christmas Eve saying, "Mom, I hope this works!". He was more than delighted to find out that indeed it did work, Santa had not only found him at Grandma's house, he left him everything he had asked for (a sword and gun) and more!

Christmas Letter 2004


Friends & Family,

Rachel mentioned to me recently that she is approaching a landmark: the longest period of time she has not been pregnant since we were married. So goes the transition to midlife for both of us. We have no clue what (or rather, where) the coming year holds for us, but one thing is certain—this will be our last Christmas in Washington. Eventually the Army will get around to telling us where we’ll be next year, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. We’re looking forward to the adventure.

At the Plaza


Mom and Dad joined us for a stroll around the Plaza last night. It was nice but nothing compared to temple square. The weather was great and the kids held up well. Today it is on to Drexel where we shall visit with the grandparents.

Christmas in Gallup 2003

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We spent this Christmas in Gallup at the Grandparents' house. Harker and Hyrum had a blast playing with their cousins and taking Grandma's house apart. The gifts were great too!

Christmas Morning in Washington 2003

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"Take a picture of my red tic-tacs!" The boy's enthusiasm for stocking stuffers proved impossible to resist.

Christmas Letter 2003

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“It is December 19th, and yes, that is a bit late to be writing a Christmas letter. Those less affected by holiday cheer might have thrown their hands up by now and admitted defeat. But I, being filled with perennial mirth (and having years of experience with procrastination), am not the least bit intimidated by the fact that some of you may very well receive this letter post-Christmas. So all pretense of celerity be darned—a very Merry Christmas in any case I say, and such associated well wishing as may be appropriate to you and yours, given your respective affiliations, etc, etc.”

Adapted from a draft of the never-finished “Westhoff Family Christmas Letter 2002”

Santa's my Baby's Daddy's Daddy!

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There are quite a few perks when Santa is your Grandpa. Like how you get to go to the mall and get your picture taken with Saint Nick and you don't even have to pay for them! You can also get them done a week before Thanksgiving when they are testing out all of the equipment. Santa also always thinks you have been nice no matter what his son has to say.

Christmas Morning 2002

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Merry Christmas from Washington!

Christmas Morning 2001

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This Christmas we were happy to be joined by the Kansas City Westhoffs.

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