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i just wanted to say hi  i am having a great time in utah      
so be safe in watever you are doing

Summer School

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This month Zach and I are doing summer school. Our class is called hip-hop healthy. Emma has a cooking class called: "BAM cooking for cool kids." Well there you go.


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Hi. As you noticed I haven't made a post in a while so I am making up for it right now. I realy like kindergarten. I had a realy hard spelling test with words like snake and I had to draw a picture of one, it was fun. Every other wendsday I get to bring lunch to school thats one of my favorite thing's about school. I will try to keep posting as much as I can.

First post

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Finaly!!!On my first post I will tell you about my life.Dad has taken me sking 2 times.Zach and I have been playing alot of imaginary sword,shield,magic kind of games.Our Game Cube,Xbox,and Nintendo vacation will end this Friday.Yess!!I'm almost in kindergarten.We have new nabors named Tatum and Steven. I can't wait to see who my teacher is in kindergarten.Hannah,and every body else,I can't wait till we move to Missouri so we can see you more often. END OF POST.BEEP!BEEP!BEEP

Book Report: Who Hops?

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It tells you what animals do and don't. Animals that hop are: frogs, rabbits, and kangeroos. A cow moos and gives milk. Birds and bats fly. Rhinos eat grass and eats lots of grass. Salamanders, snakes and snails all sliter. I liked this book.

Three Stars

Kids saved cars that were stuck in the mud.

Six stars

A boy had a crayon and it was purple. His name was Harold. He went for a walk and drew things and tehn he came home and went to sleep.

Four stars

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