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In the Spring of  2002, busy college student, husband, father, and Kansas City resident Matthew Westhoff called his older brother John (then living in Arkansas) and suggested that they use Matt's free airline vouchers to meet in Chicago and run 26.2 miles together.  The casual observer might be tempted to suggest a "better" use for a couple of free flights (i.e. one that does not involve pain)--but that would be a mistake. With Matt's curiosity piqued by John's Marathon debuts at Mississippi and Nashville, John seized the opportunity for fraternal-bonding-through-shared-suffering and maybe--just maybe, the chance to win a convert within his own family to the mystery, wonder and Zen-like state of heightened awareness achieved by long-distance running (not to mentioned the health benefits).  And so it began--abandoning their wives and children, the brothers  set out to go where no (Westhoff) brothers had gone before.  This is their story.

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