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It is so nice to have mom and dad back in the States now. Their cell phones are nice too!


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Don't forget to visit: mywesthoff.com! "The other Westhoff site."

Big Guy

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All the other two year olds at the playground today were calling Harker "Big Guy".

Kaput Campout

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The two day Ocean adventure was shortened to a one dayer due to some crisis keeping a fellow resident from work and John haveing to cover a shift. Bummer in the Summer.

Dan Moves on Up!

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Dan's blog is now powered by Movable Type--you go girl!


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Emma qoute for the day, "Mommy, I'm poopy...and I need a breath mint."

5 am in the Department

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It's 5 am and I'm in the Emergency Department, working. Or rather, would be if there were any patients. Getting...sleepy...

Grandpa and Matt update

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Imported Grandpa's blog today, and added a page for Matt.

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