Reflection Lakes

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The boys and I just got back from our first camping trip of the season. We spent two nights in Mt. Rainier Park (at Cougar Rock camping area)--the trip was a great success and noteworthy because it was the first time we'd gone for more than one night, and the first time we've had to deal with rain (lucklily I had anticipated just such an eventuality and recently purchased a very large rain fly). Also of note, Dunn planned the menu, and chase walked the entire duration of the day hike on his own two little feet. As you can see from the pictures, it got a bit chilly on the day hike we made to Reflection lakes--much to the delight of the boys who acted like they'd been raised in Hawaii and were seeing snow for the first time.

The adventure begins.
Braving the elements.
Reflection lake, in June!
The road goes ever onward.



I long for the day when I can go camping with my three daughters. What must it be like to have boys?


You'll find out soon enough my brother. Before we left on this trip Emma was distraught that we were not taking her. She kept asking me: "When I older, I go camping?" It was quite adorable.

Yo John Boy!
I love your new website! Do you remember our first father/son campout? We shared a sleeping bag and spent the night in a dry creek bed in Arizona.
Your Mom and I are fine. We are moving in with friends today and will be leaving for Spain tomorrow.
I embrace you,

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I don't know if that was the same one but I remember going on the church father's and son's outings in Arizona, I always thought that they were called "father's and sons 'synouties'," they were a lot of fun. I distinctly remember driving to one and seeing a mirage ahead on the freeway and wondering why it never got any closer, we were driving with someone and I kept asking him how many miles it was and he would give me an exact number each time I asked. I figured it out though when he gave me a number that was larger than the previous.


John email me that picture of chase at reflection lake in the woods. He looks like a little hobbit.

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