At Safeco Field

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Last month I took Dunn and Zach to see a Mariner's game at Safeco field with a couple of friends from my residency. Today Ben Betteridge (pictured with his son on his shoulders--you may remember Ben as the guy who married the former Rachel Westhoff of the Kansas Westhoff's) gave me a picture his wife took during the game, and I thought I'd share.


Dunn was pleased but puzzled when I told him we were going to the game and remarked that he did not think I liked baseball. I told him that I could usually (i.e. always) think of better things to do with my time than watch a baseball game on television but that it was fun to go to the park every once in a while.

On our drive to the field I proceeded to tell the boys everything I know about the game (not much) in an effort to help hold their interest for the full nine innings. I have to admit, I have enjoyed going to games in the past, but after the over-priced hot dog, and the peanuts and crackerjacks are gone, I have found myself thinking that there are much more exciting sporting events, like say cricket or synchronized swimming, or chess. To my surprise however, the event was an unmitigated success. My feeble pre-game pep talk worked like magic, and the boys maintained amazing situational awareness the entire game, keeping track of balls, strikes, etc. What's more, the Mariners even won (1-0)! It took us an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot, but we had a great time and the boys actually want to do it again sometime. Perhaps we can make it to a Seahawks game next football season...whenever that is.


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