Comet Falls

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Dad and Emma on the trail
Today our entire family joined the YM/YW for a combined activity day hike to Comet Falls in Ranier National Park--presumably on accounta' I'm the YM secretary. It was great to be back in the woods with Ray again as this was the first time she's come hiking with us this season. It was also Luke's first outing, and he performed like a champ, sleeping the entire time in his Snuggli.

Luke on his first hike
Zach and Chase at Comet Falls
Emma at Comet Falls
On the trail back from Comet Falls


Emma is cuter every time I see her. And Rachel, you are my hero. I can't believe you are hiking around just a few weeks after having a baby! I love you guys. Sarah

Dear John and Rachel.

Thank you so much for having this web site. The pictures you post are all worthy of framing. Can you print them up for a christmas gift to a far a way grandma (I'm sure your mom would like them too, but I am begingfor myself. Love, Mom Rackham

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