Stuck in Salina

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So we were almost finished with our 60 mile an hour trip across the country and the brakes gave out on our Uhaul. With only three hours to go we are living it up in the motel 8 which we are bound and determined will be compliments of Uhaul. Thanks to the pool, cable, and free internet, it has not been so bad. A local has our truck at his shop as I write and we hope to be back on our way soon. Actually, we just hope to get the truck back. It is a weird feeling to know that your whole life is in a truck and you don't really know where it is.


My Dearest RPG;

You are wrong. Your whole life was in the motel room with you.

Sounds like a good premise for a country song:

Stuck in a hotel in Salina,
Our whole life in that old truck,
That old mechanic said he'd fix it,
But before we left I heard him say...
Your whole life...ain't in that truck, boy...
[...and so on, you get it]

What do you think, move to Nashville or keep my day job? ;-)

HI Son - You might have a great song there - if you could just get George Strait to record it!! (I would buy it!) Love ya, MOM
PS Don't think the Army will LET you quit your day job just yet!

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