Book Report: Things Not Seen

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The book Things Not Seen is about a kid named Bobby who wakes up one morning invisible. His dad is a science freak and trys to fix it. Later on in the story his mom and dad get in a car accident. He meets a blind girl called Alicia. Together they try to figure out how to make him visibile again. Four stars


Hey Dunn, It sounds like you and Zach are reading some great books this summer. I read one the other day that was really fun, it was called
Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint I think it was written before I was even born, but I think it is part of a Danny Dunn series. It was great. I also recommend The Prydain Chonicles by Lloyd Alexander. I think 2 of that series were Newbery Award winners. Anyway Happy Reading, and have a great Summer. Love, Aunt Sarah

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