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Far Away Haircuts

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Today we are going to Fort Lewis to get a haircut. I've all ready had mine, these will be for Zach and Chase. It will be a family day.

My cousin Carrie will be coming tomorrow for eight days. That means she'll stay for the fourth of July. I'm really excited.

This book is about two children whose mother died. The children and thier father figure out how to get a wife adn maybe a mom.

Three stars

This book is about a little girl who lives in the woods. It tells you how they made cheese, maple sugar and make venison.

You might be amazed at how well behaved they had to be and the stories Pa tells.

Three stars

Questioning Day

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Tomarow I can either go to the zoo or my best friends house.I think this is a very serious siguaton. Im probely going to my friends house, since Iv never been there before(Iv been to the zoo alot this summer .) Maybe its not to serious after all.

Best Friend

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Today my best friend Anthony is coming over for the second time(Anthony is practily the only friend I have thats my age.) I also had a friend named Eliotte. But we dont play much now.

School's Out

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The first day of summer we didn't have a big party but we did go over to a new neighbor that is across the street and played there the rest of the day, and that was how we celebrated the first day of summer.

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