Harry Potter Birthday

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Dunn has decided he wants a Harry Potter themed birthday this year. We have decided to have parchment invites with shiny green writing (a'la Hogworts acceptance letters) I will pick all his friends up from school in the van with a Hogworts Express sign taped to the side, bring them home to make Harry Potter glasses out of black pipe cleaners, put lightning bolt scars on thier foreheads with eyeliner pencil, decorate lengths of dowels with paint, glitter glue etc for wands, play some sort of Quidditch game, and make Troll boogers in "Potions Class" (some recipe with white glue, borax and some other stuff. I'm going to have to figure this one out) Cream soda will be "Butter Beer" and we will have some Bertie Bott's every flavor Beans and what ever else I can dream up. I hope he thinks it's a fun party as it's not every year a boy turns eight!

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