Nintendo Vacation

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Dad and mom have decided to have a nintendo vacation for a month (nintendo 64, Exbox, Game Cube).I think it's a bumber.But they repaid us by taking us to the zoo and the park, oh yeah,and KFC chicken.I never thought having no game system would be so fun.


Hey Dunn. Sounds like your mom and dad are pretty tricky calling it a "vacation" and making you think you're having fun by not getting to play. I remember playing nintendo all day. Back when I was a kid we didn't have big fancy controls- they were small and hard with sharp edges and my thumbs would get blisters and hurt so bad I would have to stop. Maybe your parents will get you something cool for your 10th birthday that you can play with until the vacation is over.

Uncle Matt, I am sure I don't know what trickery you are referring to. ;-) When I was a kid, we didn't HAVE a game system. We had to go to the mall.

When will it end. Ah!...

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