The Big 30!

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Harker said it best, "Happy Birthday Mommy, I'm so sorry!"

The lovely flowers were from Uncle LeRoy and Aunt Leslie. I had a great day and I don't even feel too much older. I think moving out of student housing in a month will help me to feel younger. Dad always said growing up that you don't get any respect until you're thirty- so bring it on! Mom said dad still doesn't get any respect but I don't believe her!


Happy Birthday old woman--welcome to the other side of the hill! (Thanks for not mentioning that I forgot to call ;-) Seriously. Happy Birthday.

Hi Rachael, Happy big birthday. Why don't you and your family head down to Manti. It is like a visit to another planet. A day and a night and a day would seam like a really long break from Provo. Love, Margaret

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