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Lovely Luke

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Just a quick note to tell you all how enraptured I am with my latest little heart throb. He is beautiful and getting filled out and chubbier every day. Already his little bottom and legs are losing that "froggy butt" look and are starting to plump up and look infanty. He is a good natured baby and is never unhappy as long as there is a binky or breast nearby. He sleeps fairly well for someone who's only nine pounds big and seventeen days old. He is a wonder and I am truely a blessed woman. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of him and post them for your viewing pleasure.

National Head Quarters

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Today mom, the boys and I went into Springfield to have some fun at the biggest Bass Pro-Shop there ever was. Boy did we have a good time. Mom ran into a guy's fishing pole and almost lost an eye. It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing! She didn't even know what was going on at first, she was just freaking out like a fish on the line trying to free herself. Harker also tried to get into the action by throwing an orange hunting hat into the turtle pond.

GI Boogie

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Mom, Mathew, Katie and I went to a concert that was put on here at the fort for the Army crew. It was so cool as most of the people there were the Army trainies. It was held at the motor pool and most of us were sitting on the ground. Because they were in training they had to wear their BDUs so we stuck out to say the least. Matt thought it was funny that he was the guy with the longest hair.

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