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My Name is....

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Dad, I would like you to meet my son Harker. He was born 28 months ago and he spent over a month at your house about a month ago. Remember, you used to take him outside to play, he made you watch that Barney's manners show a million times, and you complained you had to ride in the car with him after he lost his lunch? Remember? Remember how he learned to say Grandpa right before we left? Remember? I only have two kids Dad. Sniff...I know..I know.. you are getting old. I know. I still love ya Dad.

Fully Mobile

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My little baby is all over the place! He is having a blast rolling and crawling around the house. I spend all day picking things up off the floor and vacuuming. It would be a little easier if Harker did not like to decorate the floor so much.

Grandma attacked by mongoose!

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I am sorry to report that a mongoose attacked Neva the other day. We were in the county seat, perusing a mercantile store when I made the mistake of letting the proprietor know Neva was an animal lover, whereupon he invited her to watch him feed his mongoose. He led her to the rear of the store and proceeded to put on a pair of gloves. The varmint was enclosed in a chicken wire/wood cage, and seemed to be napping in the rear. The man knocked on the cage to wake the creature up, when the door suddenly came open and the beast came flying thorough the air, directly at my poor wife. The victim (Neva, not the mongoose) gave out a scream and darted behind me (up until that time I was not aware that a woman could move faster than a mongoose). As you might have guessed, it was all a cruel joke and the only real danger was that I almost died laughing.

Fourth Grade

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Fourth grade isn't as hard as I thouht it would be. My teacher's name is Mrs.Faubion room 22. We have done a little bit of algerbra ,we only get one recess everybody below gets two. One thing that's good is gym class,we do more games than exersizes unlike third grade which they do much more exersizes than games. And that's most of the things that I know about fourth grade.

BYU Homecoming

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The fact BYU was creamed by Colorado Thursday night did not keep us from attending the annual Homecoming parade this morning. It was lots of fun as it is always such a high energy parade. Not to mention that we always make out like bandits. Brad always yells and cheers and the people love him so they give him all the goods. Last year the Pepsi truck was giving out cans of soda and Brad got so into it they gave him a whole 12 pack. It also helps that he is so tall that he can catch all the stuff as it comes flying through the air (that proved usefull when they started launching t-shirts from an air cannon). And when the Brick Oven was throwing pizza boxes with gift certificates inside, no one around was going to challenge the big guy for it. Brad also coached Harker on how to smile and cheer and then hurry to pick up all the candy and stash it away so he would look needy for the next float.
My favorite part was when Harker ran out into the street when the Black Student Union was doing a cheer. I didn't even know BYU had a Black Student Union. The sad part was that half of them were white!

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